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Fine Reader 12 Corporate Crack latest version

ABBYY is the very reliable optical character recognition software that helps you in creating or converting your pdf, image or any document into your editable, word and eBook formats. Fine Reader software also scans the information from graphics and smoothly transfer it into the pdf or Microsoft Word format. It uses its optical character recognition technology in scanning and converting the documents in editable formats. Now converting pdf and the non-convertible file is no more locked you can convert them into your desired format by using Fine reader corporate with its OCR technology. Abbyy Fine Reader is only offering the optical character recognition technology; no other software uses this technology.


It’s very easy to download install and use. Anyone with least knowledge of this software can convert his files or documents into its desired format without any specific knowledge. So let’s have a glance on its incredible features.

Features of Fine reader 12 corporate:

  • The best and most important feature is its reliability in recognizing the text and converting with full efficiency.
  • It searches the documents in graphics, pdf files and anything from where you want to extract the text and convert it into the editable files and formats like the word.
  • It quickly converts the images to texts without any changes in styles and layouts.
  • It is one of the simplest methods to transform the non-editable business files into editable files.
  • It scans the text from digital images with 100% efficiency then make it editable so you may edit to make changes in it.
  • It is also the easiest way to transform the digital signatures into editable formats.
  • The most unusual feature is that many PDF files are locked, and other converters fail to convert these locked PDF files into editable files. But Fine Reader 12 corporate can unlock the PDF files then convert them into editable documents.
  • This software can support many other languages that much other software can’t support for.
  • Almost all the windows can support excellent reader 12 corporate software.

Fine Reader

How to install fine reader 12 corporate cracks???

It’s all free to download and use it here you go with simple steps of installation.

  • First, download the setup of Finereader 12 corporate.
  • Now switch off your internet access.
  • Start installation.
  • Uncheck the options like programs updates and anonymously share.
  • Copy files and the past in installation directory.
  • When done Finish the setup and enjoy experiencing the new version of Fine Reader 12 corporate.

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